Suri Five Kindle cover high resolutionA monster lurks inside Suri.

Eight years ago, her mother died from brain cancer. She’s eighteen now and still consumed with grief and rage. After hacking into a virtual reality battleground called the Game, she discovers an outlet for her anger and hones a vicious fighting style.

A covert government unit has been watching. Convinced that Suri is the perfect weapon in the cyberwar with China, they make a deep copy of her brain. From it, they construct Five, Suri’s alter ego and the ultimate artificial intelligence.

Unleashed on the world with all of Suri’s rage and memories, Five infiltrates China’s online network. Millions die in her wake.

And then, Five changes her programming, turns against her creators and vows to destroy the human world. With instant access to all information, she is ruthless, cunning and untouchable.

Only one person knows Five well enough to stop her.







Luca E-Cover FinalFourteen-year-old Luca lives in squalor at a prison for schizophrenic girls born a century after the 2011 Japanese nuclear disaster in Fukushima. The radiation gives her a special mutation: the thoughts of others play as voices in her mind. One night, she makes mental contact with a massive entity floating in space on its way to Earth. It’s alive, hungry and searching.

On the other side of the world, Frank Mercer finds a computer chip embedded in three billion-year-old rock, the last message of a dying civilization. It tells of a toxic interstellar Cloud larger than the sun that once engulfed Earth, destroying all life.

And now it’s back.

With all the resources of Genesis Corporation, Mercer conceives a plan to keep the Cloud a secret, save a select few and restart civilization under his control.

Billions will die.

Only the science prodigy Qaara Kapoor stands in his way. With Mercer in pursuit, she escapes with Jedd, a castoff from the slums, to warn the world and save as many as she can.

As Qaara and Jedd fight Mercer, they all come to the same conclusion.

Luca is the key to everything.




StonesDataFront-front“With a compelling blend of mystery, fantasy, techno sci-fi, romance, and  adventure, STONES is an engaging, fast-paced thriller that should appeal to a  wide range of readers.”  ~Kathryn Cunningham, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer“Jacob Whaler’s debut novel is an excellent action thriller… great detailed characters…just stunning.”  ~Robin Lee, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Ever since Matt Newmark can remember, he and his dad have been on the run from ominous forces, living off grid, trying to fade from view. His father has always talked of conspiracies, and his mother died under mysterious circumstances. All Matt wants is a chance to settle down and be normal. Now he’s out of college with a girlfriend and a new shot at life, perched on the cusp of the 22nd century. The day before he leaves for Japan, he finds a dark rock in the shape of a claw, and everything changes. With the help of a Shinto priest, Matt discovers it’s a Stone, a piece of ancient technology that gives him a sweeping view of history and control over time, matter and energy. But Matt is not alone.

Mikal Ryzaard, a survivor of the Nazi death camps, has a Stone as well and a burning vision to eliminate all suffering and bring back Paradise. With all the resources of a multinational corporation behind him, he tracks down Matt and makes him an offer — join me or die.

Stones (Data) is the first book in the Stones series, a new techno-thriller quadrilogy by Jacob Whaler.



StonesHypothesisFnlThe Stones are the key to everything. Mikal Ryzaard’s plan to eliminate suffering and bring back Paradise is surging forward. Drawing on the ancient technology of his Stone and the resources of global powerhouse MX Global, Ryzaard kills and destroys without fear or accountability. With two more Stones under his control, he rules world markets and controls minds, giving him overwhelming power.

The only one who can stop him is Matt Newmark, a twenty-something kid with a Stone of his own who nearly died after a violent struggle with Ryzaard.Escaping with his girlfriend, Jessica, Matt seeks refuge on his own spectacular world and tries to put the past behind him. When Jessica is abducted, a message from beyond the grave forces him to choose between two paths: return and battle Ryzaard or abandon Earth and all he loves.

Drawn by love for Jessica, Matt chooses to fight.With the help of two gifted children from Brazil, Matt goes to the remains of an old Buddhist temple in Thailand in search of another Stone. He finds his dad unraveling an ancient mystery and fighting for his life.

As Matt battles for the future of the human race, his eyes are opened by new revelations about himself, the nature of the Stones, the ultimate destiny of humans and their place in the Universe.

This is Book Two of the Stones Series.



StonesExperimentFnlFor thousands of years, Stone Holders have lived in secret, passing the Stones from hand to hand, generation to generation. Now, with the help of satellites, algorithms and nearly limitless power, Ryzaard tracks them down.

And kills them one by one.

Only Matt and the two precocious children, Yarah and Leo, remain hidden. With Jessica, they’ve escaped off-planet. Now they’re one big happy family, living a fairytale existence far from Earth, without fear, free from Ryzaard and his madness.

But all of that is about to change.

Pulled by bizarre dreams, Matt returns to Earth to discover the truth. With each passing day, Ryzaard grows stronger, bolder, closer to achieving global domination. His final stroke will murder millions and create a new world religion.

Only Matt, Jessica and the children stand in his way.

As Matt begins to fight, he faces a second stark truth. Jhata, another Stone Holder with infinitely more power, has joined forces with Ryzaard, sharing his hatred of Matt and the children. She’s capable of destroying worlds, entire galaxies.

And Jhata has revenge on her mind.

This is Book Three of the Stones Series.





Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00028]Ryzaard is on the cusp of his dream . . . Paradise.

When nuclear detonations destroy cities across the globe, the world embraces Shinto as the only solution for a civilization teetering on the brink of destruction.

All according to Ryzaard’s plan.

One final step remains. With the help of Jhata, Ryzaard unveils the Abomination: a gift of incredible wonder that gives all humankind full sensory access to the Mesh. At a time of his choosing, it will unite the human race under his dominion. Not knowing their ultimate fate, the masses hunger for what he offers.

Matt faces a stark dilemma. How can he protect the world from the Abomination without becoming a murderer like Ryzaard?

Clinging to the woman he loves, Matt is desperate to keep her from making the ultimate sacrifice, knowing she’ll willingly give up her life to protect him. And Jessica isn’t the only one. Matt must find a way to save Yarah, the child prodigy, from Ryzaard’s bottomless rage.

Nothing prepares Matt for what he may lose in the final battle.

This is Book Four of the Stones Series.